List of reasons why I choose to become a graphic designer #graphicdesignismypassion

It’s diverse. Every project is different and gives you the chance to explore new fields. The job itself can take you in lots of directions.


You can make the world a better place. In an ever more shallow society, visuals are the main tool to communicate. Visuals can inspire others, educate people, and provide a platform for those whose voices are often not heard.

It's stimulating. The creative nature of the work flexes your brain muscles. It nurtures your curiosity and changes the way you think about the world around you.

Not an office job. Instead of a boring cubicle, you get the vibrant atmosphere of a studio where everyone is open-minded, creative and... I just miss it so much :(

You never stop learning. It is a fast-changing industry; there are always new trends, new tools... It makes you push yourself constantly, improve your skills and your work.

Is fulfilling. It is.