RESSÒ DE MONTBAU (2021) (art direction, visual identity, editorial, digital)
Featured in @cargoworld
Collaboration project with the wonderful Clara Gràcia.
Photography by Xènia Planas and Arxiu Històric del Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya.

Montbau is a neighbourhood in Barcelona that was built during the 1950s and designed according to the precepts of the emerging rationalist architecture. Montbau was planned to accommodate the post-war immigration.

Ressò de Montbau is a magazine born in the early 60s meant to bring the citizens together of the early built neighbourhood. It works as a collective publication where the neighbours can rediscover their local enviroment, learn about the neighbourhood and their history and culture.

For the 60 aniversary a redesing was commisioned to update the format of the magazine and recovery of the rationalist ideas that inspired the neighbourhood. A whole new identity was created, based on a balanced combination between a rational sans serif and a warm and nostalgic serif. It also relied on a modest but characteristic color palette and a rationalist layout.

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