ERE FANZINE (2019) (editorial, photography)

Is a photojournal fanzine that explores were moments in history that happened during the Irish ‘Troubles’. It depicts the truth of the past and the present, mixing old texts from the gruesome time with contemporary pictures of where the texts were written, in the modern day.

The project is based on the 1980s John Conory’s “War as a Way of Life”. The contents come from a diary of the times he lived in west Belfast, an area in war at Northern Ireland over two decades ago, with the narratives of what played out in the streets every day. With an impacting street-level view of the war, the book was an attempt to provide a context lacking in press coverage, particularly in the United States.

The project included intensive research on the issue, a photoshoot, and editing, as well as the layout design, the managing of the printing process and binding.

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